Four reasons to choose organic milk over regular milk for children?

Milk is the primary source of nutrients for children to have a healthy life. It helps in developing healthy bones, to regulate blood circulation, and to maintain a healthy weight. In today’s world, parents have more choices over the variety of milk available in the market. Many dieticians suggest that regular milk¬† does not meet nutritional requirements as cow’s milk. Therefore, parents need to understand options available in the market and act according to their children’s needs. There is an increase in the popularity of organic milk in Chennai over plant-based milk because of nutritional values. Hence, some of the benefits of organic milk are listed below by including organic milk in children’s diets.


Organic milk is obtained from native cows such as Ongole, Kageyama, and Umbalacheri. Therefore, the purity of milk is not compromised anywhere. Many dairy farms in Chennai have their cows and feed organic green fodder grown with the help of organic manure. Organic milk contains high-quality protein and calcium which is an essential component for the development of bones in children.

Minimal use of techniques:

Regular milk undergoes various processes like pasteurization, Homogenisation, Ultrafiltration, and, many more. During this process, all the fundamental vitamins and minerals are destroyed. In organic milk, there are no techniques involved and the milk obtained is raw and farm fresh. Therefore, all the enzymes and beneficial bacteria to improve the immune system is retained.


In the market, there is much-flavored milk and contains added sugar. In some cases, food adulterants are added to enhance the flavor of the milk and last for a longer time. It harms the body badly and results in various dysfunction of the system. Hence, choosing organic milk is advisable.


The protein name Beta-Casein may be of type A1 or A2. The milk produced by many commercial industries is A1 milk and contains A1 beta-casein. Many researchers have found that consuming A1 milk results in adverse health problems and digestion of milk is hard. Therefore, A2 beta-casein is suitable for digestion. Children whose digestive tracts are under the developing process should consume more organic milk for effective digestion.

About 25% of people consume cow milk in Chennai than regular milk on a daily basis. Hence, as listed in the post, consuming organic milk will surely promote a healthy lifestyle.

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