What are the different silk sarees available for the wedding?

Silk saree is known for its elegant, grace and traditional looks. In India, all the women’s wardrobe is filled with different silk sarees from different materials. Women treasure those sarees for years and pass them to the future generation. It is a traditional practice in India, to wear a silk saree during the wedding because of its richness and grandiosity. But many fail to distinguish between the silk saree and end up regretting choosing the wrong one. A silver Kanjeevaram saree is suitable for evening parties or functions and not for morning weddings. So, morning wedding brides avoid silver and choose brighter for their wedding. Hence, here are some tips on types and choosing silk sarees for weddings.

Kanjeevaram Silk Saree:

The Kanchipuram silk sarees are the common saree selected by many brides in India. These sarees are known for their excellent quality of silk and complicated designs on the fabric. The silk saree is weaved using golden silk threads to enhance elegance of the saree. It is one of the cherished outfits for every woman and appropriate fabric for morning weddings. The brides can choose red, pink, yellow, and orange Kanjeevaram silk saree to portray themselves beautifully.

Mysore silk sarees:

It is similar to the Kanjeevaram silk sarees with golden silk works and art. Mysore silk saree is popular across the globe and is known to be the purest form of silk. They portray the culture and tradition of both south and north India. The origin of the saree is from Karnataka and, the weight of the saree is light without the bling.

Raw silk sarees:

It is made from mulberry tree silk yarns that are short and damaged before removing the “gum” like substance from them. The raw silk sarees are a pure form of silk and it is inexpensive. The disadvantage of the saree is, the fabric is stiff and not soft like other sarees. It is called Resham and Paat in different zones of India.

Cotton silk sarees:

Cotton silk sarees are the hybrid fabric of cotton and silk. The softness of the material depends upon the number of yarns used in the production. It is light in weight and a suitable outfit during the summer season. They are certainly not stiff as cotton and perfect for people who want a fuss-free style of wearing.

Nowadays, brides choose borderless Kanjivaram saree for their wedding because of its lightweight and the perfect fabric for heavy brides. Therefore, consider the tips suggested in the post to choose wisely.


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