Know Everything About Ayurvedic Body Massage And Its Benefits

A healthy life gives you a fulfilled life. When it comes to health we do so many things like meditation, diet, yoga, and so on. One of the best suggestions among them is massages. We all know about massages but most of us get confused about which massage suits us. Ayurvedic massage is the best massage that gives you many health benefits and also helps in balancing the seven chakras in your body. When we think of Ayurveda, the first thing that comes to our mind is it’s free of side effects. Most people prefer this ayurvedic body massage only because of their organic lifestyle practice. When you come to know about the extraordinary benefits of ayurvedic, you will also change your lifestyle into an ayurvedic one. Know everything about ayurvedic body massage and its benefits by stepping into Le Bliss Spa that offers you the best Ayurvedic Massage in Anna Nagar

Principle behind Ayurveda

Leading a healthy lifestyle is the most difficult thing nowadays. Ayurvedic body massage can help us with this. According to Ayurveda, the entire health circle flows based on the three doshas – Vata, Pitta, Kapha which are responsible for our physical and mental health. These three doshas represent the five elements water, fire, land, wind, and ether. When we are born the proportion of these three doshas will be in balance. As we get older and the food habits get changed it leads to an imbalance in the doshas. This makes us physically or mentally sick and also can lead to some disorders and diseases. When there is an imbalance in the doshas, our body informs us through some signals like emotions. Getting tensed, and stressed easily when the proportion gets changed. So, maintaining these three doshas is mandatory for a healthy mind and body. let us discuss more the three doshas:

Vata: It is associated with the two elements space and air. This vata is responsible for cell production, circulation, respiration, and the central nervous system. Vata is the king dosha among the three. When the Vata is out of balance then you will feel symptoms like easily getting tired, easily distracted, sleeping disorders, feeling depressed, and getting cold. 

Pitta: This pitta dosha represents the heat energy in our body. It helps in the overall metabolism of the digestion process. It also helps in the secretion of hormones from the endocrine gland and in the burning of extra calories. When there is an imbalance in the pitta, then you will face some problems like getting angry, headaches, acidity, upset stomach and 


Kapha: It denotes the bio-energy in our body. Kapha represents both water and earth elements. It is involved in stability, restoring energy, and some emotions. When this Kapha gets imbalanced it shows some changes in our body like fever, chest pain, throat pain, running nose, hypertension, and urinary problems.

What is Ayurvedic massage?

It is nothing but massage therapy using the principles of Ayurveda which has been followed for thousands of years. This massage involves the practice of Indian pressure points and is also very popular in Kerala so it is also called “Kerala ayurvedic massage”. In ancient times people used this medicinal system and now it is considered the safest medical practice. The secret of this ayurvedic massage is urged from generation to generation to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This ayurvedic body massage has the ability to treat disorders and diseases and faster recovery of bones and elbow injuries. The main aim of the ayurvedic massage is to add up nutrients to the body and to get rid of all toxins and debris. Many of us think this kind of ayurvedic massage is offered only in villages and towns. But you can get this massage in all spas and massage centers in every major city. What are you waiting for, get a Massage in Chennai, rejuvenate and pamper yourself.

How to do an ayurvedic massage?

This ayurvedic massage is very much similar to the oil massage. You can get this massage from an expert or you can do it by yourself. The main aim of the therapist is to bring the three doshas even or in the correct proportion. There are many types of ayurvedic body massage and they differ in the procedures and benefits. The various ayurvedic body massage oil used in this massage are Bala Thailam, Santhwanam Oil, Pavan Oil, Tejas Oil, Dharani Oil, Balaswagandhadi Thailam, Sahacharadi Thailam, and Mahanarayana Thailam. If you are looking for a Massage Spa in Anna Nagar then step forward into Le Bliss Spa that offers you massage services at an affordable price.

Let us discuss the common procedure of Kerala ayurvedic massage. As the first step, the therapist will apply the oil all over the body which reduces all the heat in our body and loosen up the tissues in the muscles. It is continued by soothing the skin in the direction of blood flow. It helps you in regulating the blood flow to the heart. Then the massage is further continued with gliding strokes and pressuring the trigger points. Some of the common ayurvedic massages are 

Pizhichil: It is an oil bath for the whole body using warm oil.

Njavarkijhi: This is done by massaging the body using a pouch consisting of cooked rice blended with medicinal oil and milk.

Shirodhara: The forehead and third eye are gently massaged with warm oil.

Ubtaan and Elakijhi: The whole body is massaged with a potli which is dipped in a mixture of medicinal oil and leaves.

Abhyangam: This is done by massaging the whole body using medicinal oils.

Udvartana: It is a  full body massage and it is done with ayurvedic herbal powders.

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Benefits of Ayurvedic Massage

When it comes to ayurvedic massage, its benefits are enormous and some of them are 

  • Increases blood circulation to nerves
  • Rejuvenate the whole physical system
  • Relieves stress
  • Increases the secretion of happy hormones
  • Removes muscle knots
  • Relieves from chronic headaches and migraine
  • Regulates central nervous system 
  • Promotes good breathing
  • Increase the skin texture and tone
  • Strengthens the muscles, bones, and ankle

By getting an ayurvedic massage you can get these benefits. Taking this massage regularly can improve your overall health and wellbeing. To make your massage experience special, walk into the best Spa in Chennai and get delighted. If you are looking for an ayurvedic massage near me step forward to Le Bliss Spa. Massage is an art when the art is performed in an organic way, it can re-energize your soul and body.

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