When an existing feeling disturbs one’s life on a daily basis then it is called depression. A person’s sadness, anger or feeling lost may influence the daily activity. This is classified as a mood disorder. There are many ways in which a person can be affected by depression. This will affect a person’s day to day by decreasing their productivity. Depression will also affect the person’s relationships and may also influence some chronic diseases. 

It is common to have ups and downs in life. Happiness and sadness is part of human life. But prolonged sadness or hopelessness in one’s life can ruin all the important things in life. It is one of the serious diseases which require treatment as it will get worse if proper treatment is not given. But with regular treatment the patient’s condition will improve. So for treatment of such problems we can search for the best psychiatrist in Chennai


The symptoms can evidently vary with adults and children. Even in adults the symptoms can vary with gender. Depression is a constant state of melancholy.  A person can get depression anytime. Even a person who looks happy may suffer from depression. When having depression, it can affect the mood and the body. The treatment for this to be done carefully. Sometimes one can even attend online counseling classes for depression.

Symptoms for men:

  • Losing weight when not dieting. Sometimes, a person may gain weight or lose appetite.
  • Insomnia, that is lack of sleep.
  • Psychomotor agitation, it is a condition where a person wants to constantly tap fingers or hands.
  • Fatigues, headaches, and having improper digestion.
  • Inability to concentrate on any matter.
  • Feeling worthless.
  • Having suicidal thoughts.
  • Attempting suicides.
  • Reduced sexual desire.

Symptoms for women:

  • Losing interest in some favourite activities.
  • Can easily lose focus.
  • Fatigue.
  • Losing weight or gaining weight abnormally.
  • Suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts.
  • Drastic mood swings.
  • Crying over everything.
  • Reduction in cognitive abilities. 
  • Increased cramps
  • Having headaches, and other body pain
  • Change in the sleeping pattern.

Symptoms for children:

  • Having mood swings.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Suicidal thoughts and suicidal attempts.
  • Not talking to friends, siblings or any family member.
  • Decline in the school performance.
  • Incompetence feeling.
  • Loss of energy. 
  • Gaining and losing weight abnormally.
  • Behavioural changes, that is getting into fights or throwing tantrums.

Causes of depression

Depression can be caused if there is a history of the disease in the family. It can be caused if the person has faced some kind of trauma in their childhood. When the brain structure is abnormal it can cause depression. If the front lobe of the brain is less active then it may cause depression and the scientists do not know whether it happens before or after the symptoms. The medical condition can put one in such a situation. Even the over usage of drugs and misuse of the drugs can cause it.

However one can contact a top psychiatrist in Chennai for the treatment of all kinds of problems associated with the psychiatry disorder.

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