Why Android is so popular?

Why Android is so popular?

The usage of Android Mobile is blossoming, there is a huge demand for smartphones, the world has too shortened and everything comes in your hand. With the growing market of Android phones, there is a multiple range of Android phone models available in the mobile market. The competition in the smartphone market is not only between the mobile phone operating system makers but also between the hardware manufacturers. To meet the huge requirement of Android phones, mobile industries are looking for the professional Android apps Developer to build various apps to make a difficult job easier on your hand. If you want to make an own app learn Android Training in Chennai at best career development center.

Do you have an idea about Android?

Android is a popular operating system which is specially designed for smartphones and also used in Tablet computers. It’s based on Linux and it’s created by Open Handset Alliance. Many leading companies like Samsung, Sony and most of the software companies controlled by Google.  Android provides huge benefits for the end users as well as developer. Individuals who properly learn Android Training will create successful Android mobile apps for the market.

Why is it too famous in the mobile industry?

  1. Free to use

Android apps are freely available on the online since it was released, in future also Google will allow users to access freely. It’s the major reason for android mobile are offered at low cost in the mobile market. Due to being free, Android becomes more popular all over the world. Being accessible at low cost there are many hardware manufacturing companies are joining hands with Google and bring out really amazing smartphones.

  1. Open Source

Most of the mobile phone operating systems are not offering open source features but Android does offer open source. Being android as an open source it has enabled Google to permit a big pool of active android programmers from all over the mobile world industry to give their best and to improve Android. There are huge expert brains are working under the android system to make innovative Android apps. If you want to implement your knowledge after doing Android Online Course, it will be very helpful with this benefit of open source.

  1. Make your own app

When you completely get addicted using Android phones, you have a wish to make your own Android Apps. Learn Android Course in Bangalore to make your dream true. Without having any special knowledge in coding, you can easily create your own Android application. Google offers a set of tools that really help you to use it free while creating an Android application.

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