Which RPA tool is best? Automation Anywhere VS UiPath

In today’s world, the automation process is essentially necessary for every organization to complement manual strategizing. RPA technology helps to automate the repetitive tasks to deliver efficient results.  

As RPA is becoming an emerging technology, it is predominantly required to automate the processes and tasks in an enterprise. There are two powerful RPA tools, Automation Anywhere and Ui Path. Here, we have compared these two RPA tools in detail. Automation Anywhere comparatively has a bigger margin than UiPath as it has high popularity on Google search trends. Join RPA Training in Chennai to learn RPA tools professionally and grow your technical skills.

Cognitive Features

In order to support web-based architecture, and unstructured data, this AA is combined with Artificial Intelligence. With RPA’s strong ecosystem supported by its marketplace, it can fund more than $750 million for further development and product research. Automation Anywhere is the first company featured with Bot store, native analytics, and cognitive. 

When it comes to UiPath, it has less cognitive services compared to Automation Anywhere. And it is possible to increase its cognitive abilities by getting partnerships with other vendors. In the process of combining RPA and Process mining, the UiPath became the first company. This combination creates intelligent hyper-automation for UiPath customers. Swift your career with the help of the RPA Online Course at FITA. 


Microsoft and Automation Anywhere have made a strategic partnership, to support thousands of businesses belonging to different industries developing the automation process. Automation Anywhere has partnerships with Salesforce and Workday as well.

Automation Anywhere offers customers the ability to process automation directly from their preferred application like SDFC, MS Excel, Google Sheets. 

On the other hand, UiPath -leading RPA software platform has partnered with Sisense, it is an analytics platform to support Sisense’s technology platform and it also helps to deliver advanced business analytics capabilities to UiPath’s industry. The union of Sisense’s AI-enhanced analytics with UiPath platform takes the customers’ automation strategy to the next level. Also, UiPath has tie-up with ABBYY to enable content intelligence into business insights. As a UiPath technology partner, ABBYY’s Content IQ solutions and technologies automatically extract data into actionable data, and structured content to enhance the operational efficiency and customer experience. 

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