Selenium Training with Java Basics

Selenium is portable for web application. It allows us to test for many languages like C#, Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, etc., It deploys on Linux, Windows and MAC OS. Selenium training in Chennai

Without learning, testing, selenium furnishes a record/playback tool for test scripting language. It also offers a domain specific language for writing tests in popular programming languages. The tests are the fastest one that can be run against the web browsers. It is open source software and it can be used without charging.


Jason Huggins developed the selenium in 2004.He was later joined to the testers and programmers at Thought Works. Huggins and Paul Hammant, both are steered into the next mode. Join Selenium Online training for bright future.


  1. Selenium IDE
  2. Selenium Grid
  3. Selenium Web driver
  4. Selenium Client API
  5. Selenium Remote Control


Integrated Development Environment (IDE), simplest tool in Selenium suite. Using this, we can create new tests quickly with playback functionally.The tests that can be returned in different programming languages. Selenium Course in Bangalore.

It can also communicate with the Selenium client API. Ruby, Python, C#, Java is client APIs in Selenium currently. Web driver is the central component introduced by Client API. Old API (class Selenium) is also being supported.

Scripts that can be edited and recorded manually. The scripts that can be recorded in Selenese. Selenium special scripting language is Selenese. It also offers commands for better performing actions in a browser (to retrieve the data in the resulting back pages).


It allows the web browser to run the remote machines. With these the server acts like a hub. The tests that can be contacted with the hub to access the instances browser. The hub that has a large number of servers to access the instant browsers. It does allow running multiple accesses in parallel; also it helps to manage different browser configurations and different versions. Selenium training institute in Coimbatore With the help of remote browser we can run tests in different browsers on different operating systems. But some particular browsers do not support for testing.


It is the successor to Selenium RC and it also accepts some commands from the browser. For specific web driver, the user can send commands to the browser to retrieve the results. Most of the web browser driver are launching a new applications like Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.,


The tests that can be written in different programming languages. It can be communicated by calling methods with client API.


It is a server that should be written in Java. For easier tests selenium currently provides a driver for Java, Perl, etc. , Selenium web driver is depreciated by Selenium RC.


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