Reasons For Increase In Infertility Today

Pregnancy is the time in which one or more offspring develops during ovulation inside a woman and it can also occur through assisted reproductive technology procedures. The Best Gynecologist in Velachery gives treatment and care during hard times of pregnancies. Pregnancy is the best period in a woman’s life which could ever be made better with gynecologists who are about to treat women during their deliveries. 

Reasons For Increase In Infertility Today:

Postponing Pregnancies:

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report, babies are likely increasing to be born to older mums. The average age of all women who have babies is above 30 years from the year 2015 and there is a slide in women under 25 giving birth and an increase in women over 35 giving birth. Both men and women take precautions to postpone pregnancies because they stay in formal education for longer periods and are more burdened by debt which is why they start entering marriage and partnerships later. So, the chances of women conceiving with their eggs by the age of 43 are about 5% while the chances decrease to 1% by 45.

The Environment Decreases Fertility:

Male fertility also deteriorates later in life as older men are less likely to conceive and certain studies show that the quality of sperm after 40 contributes to genetic mutations. A recently released study shows that the sperm count has declined significantly since the 1970s which is due to both environmental and lifestyle factors.

Lifestyle Factors Also Have An Impact:

Western lifestyle also reduces the general fertility rates in addition to the age and environmental factors such as smoking and being either overweight or significantly underweight are known to have the biggest impact as infertility and the reduced chances of conception. Increased BMI, poor nutrition, drug use, smoking, and excessive alcohol are the main factors contributing to infertility.

Thus, all the above reasons for the increase in infertility are the facts given by the Best Gynecologist in Adambakkam that needs to be avoided for a healthy pregnancy which will help in giving babies a great start to their lives.

So for getting conceived as soon as possible, it is recommended to check with the Best IVF Centre in Chennai as the process of fertilizing needs proper observation and monitoring with the help of experienced doctors for achieving the best results.

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