Key Technologies Of Front-End Development

Full-stack development is an integration of client and server-side development. 

Client or Front End Development

Client or Frond end development refers to the website interface that we see in Google or other search engines. Generally, users or people misunderstand the front-end and front end UI developer. They think both works are the same. 

UI designers only design the front portion of a web application with the support of Illustrator, Photoshop, and other Adobe tools. The main objective of a front end UI developer is to ensure an eye-catchy website.

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The front-end or client-side developer is to assure website functioning in well ordered. Converting the user interface into code is front-end development. 

Some Of The Front End Development Technologies Are listed below:

HTML: HTML is the basic Front End Development Technologies and foundation of all client or front-end development. Developer who wants to starts a career as a web developer they should begin with HTML. It can markups any type of text into an image or hyperlink. It gives the primary website framework. The new version of HTML is named HTML5.

Example of an HTML webpage:

<!DOCTYPE html>  



<title>Full stack Development</title>  



<h1>Full Stack Developer Course in Chennai</h1>  

<p>FITA Academy is the best institure for getting training in full stack development</p>  



CSS: Its XML-based markup language for Providing Additional effects in fonts, layout to makes the website more fascinating. 

Example of CSS code:

body {  

  background-color: orange;  


h1 {  

  color: blue;  

  text-align: Left;  



p {  

  font-family: cursive;  

  font-size: 40px;  


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JavaScript: In recent years, The most popular and widely used programming language in web development is JavaScript. It is a high-end compiling language. It could be deployed on both the server end and client end. Originally JavaScript runs on every search engine.

Example of Javascript code:



  <title>Multiplication Data sheet</title>

  <script type=”text/javascript”>

    var rows = prompt(“No of rows in multiplication data sheet”);

    var cols = prompt(“No of cols in multiplication data sheet”);

    if(rows == “” || rows == null)

    rows = 5;

    if(cols== “” || cols== null)

    cols = 5;

    createTable(cols, rows);

    function createTable(cols, rows)


      var j=1;

      var output = “<table border=’1′ width=’400′ cellspacing=’0’cellpadding=’10’>”;



     output = output + “<tr>”;



   output = output + “<td>” + i*j + “</td>”;

    j = j+1;


    output = output + “</tr>”;

    j = 1;


    output = output + “</table>”;








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