How To Talk To Teen Boys About Depression?

The Best psychiatrist in chennai says that depression manifests differently in women and men. While women seem to be the most ‘crestfallen ones’ with prominent weeping, longer sleep-ins, moping, feeling extremely sad, overeating, and not caring about personal aspects, depressed men usually initialize behaving randomly. They get irritated or angry for small things, perpetually be in a foul mood, and would be impatient.

Tips For Talking To Teen Boys About Depression:

Ignoring these symptoms may prove to be too costly as something that would pass. Though it is hard to initiate a conversation in this regard, it would be inadmissible to let it go and believe that with time the symptoms would vanish on their own.

Understanding The Condition:

Depression is a mental disorder characterized by constant feelings of hopelessness, despair, and loss of interest in activities causing substantial impairment in completing regular chores. Young depressed teens are usually deep in contradiction about their condition. Even if they are not, they can present several reasons for the way they feel. They might do this till the crippling condition affects everything essential for them, including their friends and family. So, it is necessary to ensure that the depressed person does not feel bad for accepting that they are depressed. Too many people should not be involved in a single conversation and the tone should be kept sympathetic and friendly.

Starting The Conversation:

Online Counseling for depression suggests starting the conversation by telling the depressed teen that one is not worried for him as he/she loves and cares for him. Then the symptoms for depression that the person displays could be listed and it can be motivated to talk about them to him. It is significant to ensure that the affected individual has settled down sufficiently so that he doesn’t harm himself.

Talking About The Treatment:

Once the beginning response to the conversation has compromised, one can tell them that depression is a curable condition and there are many certified psychotherapists to offer help for it.

Thus,  Workplace Counselling has given a clear picture of all the above tips for talking to teen boys so that they overcome it.




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