Guide to Choose Optional Subject

Every aspirant knows that optional subject is one of the critical factors to secure more marks in Civil Services examination. But one of the critical issues encountered by most of the aspirant is to select the right optional subject. There are two papers of optional subjects which include 250 marks each and the duration of the test is 3 hours. The aspirants are allowed to choose among 20 plus subjects offered by Union Public Service Commission. By depositing a minimum amount of effort you can increase the chance of scoring more marks in IAS Exam. The following are the deciding factors that help to choose the right optional subject.

Graduation Subject

If you have good knowledge over the graduation subject then just go for it. If you are good in mathematics then you don’t need to start preparing from the beginning. You can feel pretty easy to prepare the subject you have already interested in. In case that you are not confident with the graduation subjects better choose the different one. IAS Academy in Chennai guides the student to choose the best from the list and helps in improving the score.

Choose based on your interest

Everyone has one or two subjects which they feel comfortable in reading and preparing. It is a subject the aspirant may prepare for at least two years or from their schooling. You can choose that one so that you can perform better in that compared to other subjects. Some subjects may be lengthy try to avoid those kinds of subjects.

Here are the few basic points you should remember while preparing the optional subject.

Once you choose the optional subject make sure you go through the entire syllabus and collect the available books for that subject. It is advised by the professional that you can start optional subject preparation from the month of November.

  • You can enrol yourself in the best test series conducted by IAS Academy in Bangalore. Get the test papers reviewed by the expert professionals and analyze the strengths and weakness in your preparation.
  • You can collect the previous year questions for the optional subject and start solving that. Do not choose the subject just it suggested by your family and friends. You can get enrolled in the best IAS Coaching in Chennai to improve your scoring.

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