The Global Spread of English

The English language contains a composite status in today’s world. It is obtained as a first language for some people and it can be learned at school and be substantial for professional and academic success for some people. For the rest of the people, it represents a subject which is required to learn in school. The term English defines various things to people from various parts of the world. For some people, it can be seen as the social networking and media, the language of pop culture. For others, it can have associations with social or elitism, economic inequality, and colonialism. Learn Spoken English Classes in Chennai to enrich your knowledge and shine in your career.

English is Everywhere
Today English has a unique position, as an outcome of the role it plays around the globe and its function as a world language or an international language. It is described as lingua franca of the world. However, around 380 million people are said to communicate it as a first language in countries such as Canada, Great Britain, the United States, Australia, a further 600 million people use it, besides other languages as a second language in countries which includes India, Philippines, and Nigeria. And for about 1 billion people are said to be learning it, at once as a foreign language in countries like South Korea, China, Germany, French, Spain, and Russia.

Importance of English Knowledge
English is learned for various reasons. It is an important tool for business and education for most of the learners. It is considered to be the language of travel and relevant activities of sightseeing for others and it is necessary for employment and social survival for new immigrants in English-speaking countries. For many people, it is a popular language for the internet, entertainment, and media and other forms of electronic communication. For others, although it is a language that they are constrained to study, it is helping them in numerous ways. Explore the renowned institute which offers Spoken English Online Classes to enhance your career growth.

In spite of the emphasis on studying English in various parts of the world, it is said to be worth remembering that most of the people can’t survive absolutely well in their own countries without using English and that English fluency necessarily provides learners any economic and social advantages. As English is widely spoken and taught around the world. It is said to be a common language for conversation across the national boundaries and in a wide range of professionals.

In various parts of the world, English plays a vital role in the school subject, it is gradually becoming the instruction medium, especially at university level. The motivation for teaching the subjects through the English language is partial to enhance the English language skills of graduates. This trend also reflects the developing need for the European universities to provide programs in English to entice an international body of students and increase their international profiles, a feature of the internationalization of higher education through English.

Hope this article gives you the brief information about the global spread of English. Undertake a Spoken English Course in Bangalore to have a bright future. Grab the opportunity and utilize it well.


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