Features of the Loadrunner

Loadrunner is the solution for performance testing, created by Hewlett-Packard (HP). The best automated tools for Performance Testing is Loadrunner. Loadrunner can be involved with around 50 percent of the market share. Join Loadrunner Training in Chennai and learn more about the features of the LoadRunner. 

What is Loadrunner?

Loadrunner is a software application, which is growing complex and advanced. Loadrunner can stimulate the number of virtual users into the application, and help the isolated network, various client, and server bottlenecks. Loadrunner is a set of various tools, it helps to operate performance testing smoothly.  

Components of Loadrunner

  • Virtual User Generator (Vugen):

Virtual User Generator is also called Vugen. It used to show the flow of business applications and used for generating the scripts. One can develop the script by adding various transaction checkpoints and names, etc.   

  • Controller:

The controller is the component, can upload hundreds of users, Vugen Scripts, application servers, database servers and control different web servers to find the bottlenecks in the applications.

  • Analysis:

After the completion of the test, you can review it. The examination tool gives you various graphs to immediately recognize bottlenecks. You can merge and compare the various plans using these tools.    

  • Load Generator:

A load generator is a tool to create loads from various machines. It installs the load generators in various machines and connects them to the controller. The controller can act as a master and manage the load generator, and collect the data from load generators.    

  • Load Generator Calculator

This load runner calculator can help the load generators are required for simulating the load. 

  • Protocol Advisor: 

This protocol advisor can help a proper commitment to record an application with Vugen. It can scan whole applications that imply a directory of protocols and capture various elements. Join the Loadrunner Course in Bangalore and gain more knowledge in the applications and features of the Loadrunner. 



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