Does the HRMS software relate to compliance management?

This article describes the functions of HRMS software related to compliance monitoring and management. HR functions are recruitment & selection, performance management, learning & development, succession planning, compensation and benefits, human resources information systems, HR data & analytics. The activities like payroll management, compliance management come under the recruitment & selection functions.


Human Resource Management System Software :  


Human Resource Management System software is a full-form of  HRMS software. It indicates a group of software that is used by the companies to handle the internal HR functions. From workers data to payroll calculations. Human Resource Management System software assists HR officers to reduce the modern work pressure. Also, it puts the information about companies in front of the people who need it. Nowadays HRMS has become the Human capital management cloud solutions.HRMS software aims to increase the productivity and efficiency of the company by automated mode.


Statutory Compliance : 


Labours are an important part of a company. No management can be alive without workers. So a company should regulate their functions by following certain laws that benefit both workers and management. If those regulations include the company’s interactions with their labour and taxations are known as statutory compliance. The rules and regulations may vary at the national and state level. The companies should compulsorily follow the laws. If they do not, they will be punished. To lessen the trouble of workers and issues based on taxation the company should ensure that they deal better with statutory compliance that was offered by the HR department. By using this automated software a company can manage the issues and other legal implications, increase efficiency, develop a good relationship between management and workers.


Compliance monitoring :


Compliance deals with the rules and regulations, laws should be followed by the company and should be implemented correctly. Not only laws, internal codes of conduct, policies and procedures of the company included under this compliance. Compliance monitoring software is an automated program of a business system used to centralize, conclude and regulate the process, files and communication relevant to management to meet the government and professionals standard. It is designed to give independent assurance and add value to the business. These functions were handled by the HR department of that company. Hence activities from payroll management to compliance monitoring have been held out by HRMS software.


Thus the article discussed the relationship between HRMS software and compliance monitoring. They are interconnected.

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