Computer Or Paper Delivered Test For IELTS

Taking the exam on a computer or paper depends upon the candidate’s interest, but taking the test on the computer is the best one. The candidate should be confident while taking the exam whether it is on paper or computer. Join IELTS Coaching in Velachery to know which is the best computer or paper-delivered test for IELTS.

Here let us see the test taken on a computer

The computer test will be different from the test taken on paper. While taking the test on the computer one should take the Listening test, Reading Test, Writing Test.


The Listening test consists of 24 questions and it has 6 types, of them are Diagram compelling, multiple-choice, match, short answer questions. etc


The writing task consists of two tasks. In task 1 the candidate should spend 20 minutes and write about 150 words about the particular topic asked in the question. In task 2 the candidate should spend 40 minutes and write 250 words on a topic.

Reading Test

The reading has 40 questions with 11 types, they are

Flowchart completion, identifying the answers, multiple-choice questions, match the headings, note completion, etc. Join IELTS Coaching in Porur to learn more. 

Speaking Test

This test remains the same for the General and Academic. While taking this test on the computer it takes 11-14 minutes. The examiner conducts the test through the computer.

Taking the test on Paper

The methods followed for the computer test are followed for the test taken in the paper. The Reading, Writing, Listening format are the same but the major difference is, the test is taken on paper. The time allotted for each section will be the same. The question types and patterns will be the same. In the Speaking test, directly the candidate will be handled by the examiner(face to face). So there will be a little nervousness for the candidate to handle the situation. This situation helps the candidates to correct the mistakes they make so that they won’t do it again. Get into IELTS Coaching in Tambaram to know the strategies to be followed while taking the IELTS exam. Listening, Reading, and Writing tests are conducted on the same day, and the speaking test will be taken before or after completing the three sessions.


Computer or paper-delivered test for IELTS, it all depends upon the candidate’s choice. If one is interested in taking the test on the computer they can take it on the computer or else in the paper. The choice is in the candidate’s hand!

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