Top Java Interview Questions with answers


Everyone knows that Java is the most popular object oriented programming language and today being in an IT industry it is necessary to keep you updated on Java technology while moving your career to the next level. When you got an idea to attend Java interview you must be unique when compared with others since everyone will have basic Java knowledge. So here are some of the complex Java interview questions that you can learn only in the Java Training in Chennai where you can gain experience in the IT industry.

What is “this”?

“this” is a keyword in Java that refers to the current object

Is Java Secure?

Java protects the data from the third party access since it works on the encapsulation and abstraction. This is the reason behind why Java is more popular in both corporate users as well as personal. Thus, definitely, Java is highly secure.

What do you mean by JVM?

JVM is Java Virtual Machine. It helps in using the same code in multiple forms by writing the code single time. During execution, it saves the space and increases the flexibility by utilizing the same code everywhere.

What is garbage collection?

Java platform avoids the memory space corruption, data garbage collection. Java uses another feature called garbage collector which cross check the free memory space and override the delete operation so it avoids the free data going to the garbage box and utilizing the code in other location. Join Java Online Course at FITA to learn the latest programming languages.

Some of the application of Java

This is the usual question from any Java interviewer, but it is the thing to answer unique. So here is the answer to this question, Java has enabled the application from a simple web-based application to the industrial application. Java is currently used in the 3D application, financial application, flash video application, laptops, mobiles, the camera application, and speakers.

The above is the just example questions, refer more for Java interview and come out with flying colors. Be confident and give your best with the help of the Java Course in Bangalore


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