Top Core Java Framework

The framework is the large group of pre-written code, which is added to solve the issues. Using the frameworks by calling its methods, and inheritance, listeners, and callbacks, of the patterns. A framework can manage the application structure. The framework is the element of programming. Let’s go for the various types of frameworks. Join Core Java Training in Chennai, and gain more knowledge in the frameworks. 

Spring framework

Spring Framework is a strong application for development for the spring framework, which is used for Enterprise Java (JEE). The features of the core java of this framework are used for java application development. It is also determined as the perfect modular framework.  It is used for implementing layers of real-time applications. Spring Modules like Spring MVC, ORM, Spring Core, Security is also used in enterprise applications. 

Uses of Spring Framework: 
  • The development of web application
  • The features of Spring can be used to perform any Java Application.


Hibernate framework is a stable Object-relational mapping for Core Java. It makes perfect communication between the relational database management system and the java programming language.

If you are working in an object-oriented language like Java Programming, they will face an issue called Object-Relational Impedance, also called Paradigm Mismatch.   

Uses of Hibernate Framework
  • Hibernate allows developing the determined classes following the Object-oriented idiom.
  • It allows communicating with the database using very tiny alteration in the code, linking the gap between the related words and objects
  • Hibernate is one of the advanced ORM frameworks which operate database on java entities 


This is another enterprise-level framework, which is maintained by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). Java application framework enables the developer to develop an easy-to-maintain java application.  

Struts have two versions: Struts 1 and Struts 2. 

Struts 2 is the combination of the webwork framework of Open Symphony and Struts 1. Many companies are preferring the Struts 2 framework.  

Uses of Struts
  • struts 2 frameworks are mainly used for generating MVC-based applications.  
  • This framework is also used and increases the Java Servlet API, Framework can help the developers to choose MVC architecture. 

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