Things Needs To Be Known About Organic Milk

Craze Of Organic Milk:

FSSAI conducted research several years back where it was reported that 70% of the country’s milk was adulterated in some way. The common adulterants were powdered milk, glucose, urea, detergents and many more. This report shocked the nation and people started interrogating the milk industry. This is the origin of the craze of Organic Milk In Chennai.

Though India doesn’t have a definite outline when it comes to organic milk, it is understood that the milk is free from adulteration and healthier. One needs to remember that there are no proper certifications as well. But, many brands do have Agmark, FSSAI, and ISO certifications which are usually indications of a proper standard.

What Is The Need For Organic Milk?

The speciality of organic milk is that it is free from hormones, antibiotics, and other adulterants. They are completely pure Cow Milk In Chennai which is fresh from “farm to table”. The farms would treat the cows well and that continuously increases the quality of milk procured. Moreover, the taste of the milk will also be much better than the adulterated milk. 

Cows in organic farms are pasture-fed and walk freely on the farms. They are not injected with any growth hormones and grow as they are supposed to. The farm on which they graze is also organic and they are free from chemical pesticides as well. Few farmers feed the cows organic fodder to supplement their requirements. So, the process of milking the cows is automated and does not need a human touch which prevents cross-contamination without the need for chemical preservatives.

Benefits Of Organic Milk:

Undoubtedly, it is well-known to everyone that milk is significant for calcium and strong bones. But, it might be chaotic that why should one go for organic milk when the normal milk is good for health. When more natural food like the grass is fed and in a free range, milk carries an improved level of protein and the fatty acid profile of it also changes. So, organic milk is rich in omega-3 which is essential for protection against cancer, heart diseases, and arthritis. This milk is free from growth hormones and antibiotics.

Thus, the best Milk suppliers in Chennai have given a clear picture about all the above things which needs to be known about organic milk so that people consume it regularly and keep their body hale and healthy.

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