Steps to implement selenium testing automation

Selenium is one tool that supports test automation on a huge basis. Training from the best Selenium Training Institute in Chennai can easily give you the guidance and confidence to make the process easier.

Knowing the Application

The selection of a tool depends on the product that is to be tested. This implies that it is quite difficult to assess the application for varied nuances. If the product is a web application, one should try to find out the top browser that is suitable and then decide the testing strategy. If you carry out the process in this way, it will be easy to conduct the automation process and enable the implementation.


This applies to any instrument that you have intension to pick, where you have to see the comfort and compatibility of the group with the tool. Thus, it is important to guarantee that the group is knowledgeable with different highlights of the tool before the real testing begins. It is better to consider a tool that limits the learning time. Selenium being an open platform, there is enormous team learning and experience that supports in additional learning and appropriation.

Each group has different levels of ability, where the distinctive tests are made in view of the QA architect’s abilities. In this way, once the level of understanding and aptitudes of each person in the team are understood, the automation act can be categoried. The writing task can be given to one team and the performing can be done by another team. Thusly, testing done collectively is much more effective for finding errors and pacing up the process. These benefits have given way to more demand among students for Selenium Training in Velachery.

Outcome from Automation

The decision to run with an Open Source tool for test automation occurs for a specific reason and with a target. Along these lines, it is essential to comprehend the end target to be accomplished with the instrument. With reference to information driven testing, recovering great test information is vital, so the key goal of utilizing Selenium is to produce quality test information for fast reference. Also, great amount of test information can make the automated tests reusable and maintainable to keep up.

Faster results

Selenium has the benefit of generating test reports in different formats. More efforts can be put on the tool so that it can effectively used for the team’s benefit. It makes sure that the upcoming process becomes faster.

These are the best steps one can adopt to make sure the selenium testing automation is going on a profitable basis. Selenium Training has good demand in our country.

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