Know the Hidden secrets about Tirupati Balaji Temple- Visit Tirupati with the best Chennai to Tirupati car rental

The Lord Sri Venkateshwara Temple is located in the town of Tirumala in the place called Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh. Tirupati Temple is the most visited pilgrim places and also one of the richest temples in India. The temple is constructed in the architecture of Dravidian culture and it is constructed over a period of time starting from 300 AD. One must visit Tirupati once in their lifetime, choose the best Chennai to Tirupati car rental to get blessed by the lord Balaji.

The Tirupati temple is the most sacred sites of Hindu religion. The life of a Hindu is not fulfilled unless he visits Balaji temple once in a lifetime. Many famous people have visited Tirupati Temple very often. People believe some goodness will happen if anyone visit the Balaji temple before doing something new. Tirupati is just a 133 km from Chennai, Visit Tirupati with the best Car rental in Chennai.

Unknown Facts about Tirupati

One can hear the sound of an ocean at the back of the lord Balaji, it is said that always it will be wet even tried to dry for more times

Saying that the lights or Deepa glowing in front of the lord Balaji was lit some thousand years ago.

The Lord Sri Venkateshwara is actually at the right corner of the Gharbhagudi but it looks at the centre of the place.

It is found that the real hair is on the main idol of the Lord Sri Venkateshwara that will never tangle

A stick is found at the main door of the entrance to the right side, that is used to hit the Lord Balaji by Ananthaalvar, the Lord chin was hurt when it was hit by the stick during his childhood. So only the practice and tradition of applying sandalwood on Swamy’s chin has begun

Why people visit Tirupati by renting a car?

All you need is safety and convenient travelling when you are travelling with your family and friends. Car rentals in Chennai will provide the best memorable trip to Tirupati. If you are travelling through your own car one person has to drive, that individual will not get the opportunity to enjoy during their family trip to Tirupati, they have to focus on travelling and the other thing is no need to worry about your car whether to get damage by roads and also you can sleep whenever you want. Many advantages are there in Chennai car rental services. So always prefer car rental system whenever you visit Tirupati.