How to reduce Grammar mistakes in English

English is not just a language. Spoken English Classes in Chennai can open a world of chances and enable you to communicate with a lot more people. The ability to speak perfect English will increase your confidence level. Most of the organizations need their employees must have the good fluency of written and spoken English. In daily life, even simple tasks like searching for directions or getting the price of an item can turn into a problem. Improving your Spoken English skills can allow you to go throughout the day without any worries about a language obstacle. FITA provides best Spoken English Online Classes. Our faculties will provide an advanced level of coaching. We conducted batch-wise for candidate’s convenience.

Spoken English is English which is spoken by people, used in conversations. It will have lots of phrases and incomplete sentences which are understood in context. It is a personal communication, intended for a few. Mostly questions, answers, and short sentences or phrases which express an idea in general.

Grammatical Errors

Here we are going to discuss some useful list of common grammar mistakes you might be making – and how to avoid and correct them with example sentences.

IncorrectI have a bad news for you.

Correct:     I have bad news for you

Incorrect:   He sent a message that he would come soon.

Correct:     He sent message that he would come soon.


IncorrectIt’s not good to go to an office late.

Correct:    It’s not good to go to office late.


Incorrect:    We came by the 12:30 o’clock train.

Correct:       We came by the 12:30 train.


Incorrect:    I want a little quantity of water.

Correct:       I want a small quantity of water.


Incorrect:   I know him good.

Correct:      I know him well.


Incorrect:   He asked me that why I had not gone to the marriage.

Correct:      He asked me why I had not gone to the marriage.


Incorrect:   My sister’s all the jewels have been stolen.

Correct:      All my sister’s jewels have been stolen.


Incorrect:    I am difficult to learn French.

Correct:       It is difficult for me to learn French.


Incorrect:   Today, I’ll cut my hair.

Correct:      I’ll have my hair cut today.


Incorrect:   You like ice cream, isn’t it?    

Correct:      You like ice cream, don’t you?


Incorrect:     I’ll go out after the dinner.

Correct:        I’ll go out after dinner.

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