How To Perform Automation Testing with Selenium

Automation Testing offers the ability to execute web application runtime codes to verify the pre-scripted tests that allow the results specifications.  The step by step methods are explained how to carry out automation tests using selenium. Join Selenium Training In Chennai to learn more about it.

Selenium is a lightweight open-source web application research software platform. Selenium has a database and backup tool for research without bothering to learn a language for test scripting. It provides test domain language for testing authors in common languages such as Java, C #, PHP, Python, Ruby, etc. Selenium allows software tests to run on Mac, Windows, and Linux with modern web browsers and deploys. Selenium has a variety of elements, each with its use, forming the main layer for the functions.

Automation process 

1. The Selenium IDE performs a built-in Selenium test area. It can be implemented as a Firefox Addon and enables the recording, editing, and debugging of tests.

2. The Selenium Server APIs already provide user APIs for Java, C #, Ruby, JavaScrip, and Python to the Computer-Aided Design. Users can also write tests in other languages and interact with Selenium via calling methods.

3. Selenium Remote control is a Java server that allows users to write automatic tests in any programming language that enhances Selenium integration with existing unit test frameworks via HTTP. Selenium RC accepts browser command via HTTP. FITA provides the best coaching to students with practical and technical knowledge. Join Selenium Online Training to enhance your skills in it.

4. After selenium RC, Selenium WebDriver was added. Selenium WebDriver accepts the commands that are sent in Selenese or through the Network API and are sent to the browser.

5. Selenium Grid is a platform that uses remote computer web browsers to check. The Selenium Grid is the platform for accessing client implementations on one server. This helps to propagate the test load.

To perform automation testing we need to do these processes to execute the Testing. Join Selenium Course In Bangalore to get placed in MNC companies. 


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