How to face an interview as a SEO fresher

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the simple activity of ensuring a website can be found in search engines for words and phrases relevant to what the site is offering. SEO has the potential to drive tons of quality leads to your website for free. SEO Training in Coimbatore is way better than PPC (pay per click) because you don’t have to spend money on ads to drive traffic to your site. We provide SEO Training in Chennai with placement aid for who are in need, so the candidates learning here will get gain out of it. The consultant over here having a vast knowledge of it and able to train the candidates from all domains to fulfil the expectations of candidates. People who are seeking training are coming to our institution for learning with good quality.

Prepare Your Resume

You might have seen less qualified people getting hired earlier than qualified ones. This all is the game of a proper resume. If you are not able to express your skills and experience through your resume, there is no use of possessing them. As a digital marketer, you are expected to sell services in the best way, and your resume is your first job, you sell your services through it. Here are some of the things you must consider while preparing your resume.

Read the company profile and check whether they are looking for some specific skills and if you possess them, mention them. There is no use of listing experience and skills in the field that the company doesn’t work in. If the company wants experience in B2B marketing and you have done an internship in B2C Company, there is no use of advertising that part.

Differentiate yourself

The simplest rule is standing out. During the resume screening process, there are multiple applications. The resumes with inadequate skills or loosely linked information are straight away rejected. So, it is better to craft yours in such a way that shares the most needful information and separates you from the crowd at the same time. Make them believe that you are different and you can do it. A clean and simple resume must be free from any type of typos or grammatical errors. It must be clean in the sense that there are no flaws in the language and the information provided by you is relevant. When you are pitching for a SEO training in Bangalore job, you are required to use sharp and quirky sentences that show your creativity.


As a fresher, your primary focus must be on your degree and the college you have studied in. When you have past experience, you are evaluated on the basis of experience, but when you are SEO fresher, your degree masters the most. Don’t forget to add your achievements and the projects you have done so far.


As mentioned above projects represent your skill set more than you’re listing in the resume does. You must mention all the relevant internship and projects you have covered for a better impression.

Work experience

When you are applying to a company, and you have relevant work experience, you get higher chances of getting the job. The thing is marketing your experience well. Mention the job you did and the response you got. Apart from resume preparation, you also need to be ready for the questions you will be asked during the interview.


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