Best AWS Services To Build A Cloud Computing Platform

The IT industry has been completely revolutionized by the AWS services. Its remarkable services offered by AWS are more effective and save a lot of time and energy. Many of the startups are preferring AWS to create powerful cloud platforms. There are several AWS services in the industry and you can utilize the benefits of Cloud Computing Courses in Chennai platforms to enhance your businesses. Many of the reputed organizations are using the AWS services NetFlix, Rovio Entertainment, BBC, NASA, SoundCloud, etc. Here, we have discussed some of the best AWS services in detail.

Elastic Beanstalk

The Elastic Beanstalk provides several different features and functionalities for deploying and managing the web application. You have to choose suitable AWS services for your business and sometimes, it is complex to pick out the AWS service for managing, provisioning, and using. The Amazon Beanstalk has made app deployment more easy and robust. AWS Training in Chennai trains the students to attain core knowledge in AWS concepts.

Amazon EC2

This AWS service is used for storing and retrieving the data from the web. It uses containers like S3 for objects storing and depending on your requirements, you can make more buckets. Generally, Amazon S3 is used in various markets, for instance, archive, mobile applications, IoT devices, backup and restore, and enterprise applications. Once you store your data in Amazon S3, then you retrieve it from anywhere via the web. The Amazon S3 consists of three significant benefits, they are scalability, security, and cost-effectiveness. Join AWS Online Course for your bright future.

Amazon EC2

It allows you to create applications and let you configure the server within a short time. Instances are the type of Amazon EC2 services preferred for selecting and processing the required instances. It permits the user to use a physical server for security, storage management purposes. Amazon EC2 provides various servers like memory-optimized servers, general-purpose servers, storage-optimized servers, etc. It is categorized into three groups, namely, Spot instances, On-Demand instances, and Reserved Instances.

Amazon RDS

For building a simpler infrastructure, this Amazon RDS(Relational Database Service) will be much helpful to make it. It provides the best instances for usage in a few minutes and it is completely handled by the support team. This AS server also supports many database engines like SQL, SQL Server, etc. This service operates on the cloud and simplifies the database scaling, operation, and set-up in web applications.

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