Best AngularJS Tools for Web Developers

AngularJS is an open-source front-end web framework developed by Google Engineers. Angular simplifies both development and testing for applications by providing framework for MVVM and MVC architecture, along with this rich internet applciations are used. Develop a dynamic web page through AngularJS Training in Chennai in a proper manner. An angular framework is mainly used for the development of web applications, it gives the best quality project. Here I am going to share some best AngularJS Tools for web developers.

AngularJS Development Tools


Testing is mandatory for productive codes. It is the best tool for AngularJS, a developer can check their code on devices and real browsers without any cost. 


Mocha is an open-source tester maintained by contributors. It also provides an exceptional testing environment for developers to debug and optimize their code in versatile conditions. 


An end-to-end testing framework for AngularJS. It uses Jasmine Test framework for the testing interface.


It’s a perfect boilerplate that helps developers to create Node.js, AngularJS apps, Express, and MongoDB. 

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a renowned editor that understands the routine hustles of developers. One can switch and open their file and start typing the information as per their need. 

Angular Kickstart

A developer mainly focuses on solving the problems and provides a one-stop solution for web applications. Angular solves the problem by taking care of testing and development in one place. This tool helps to optimize the code easily.

Angular GetText

It is a translation tool that helps to translate the language.


It allows you to add multimedia elements and videos in your application.


Rectangular tool deals with GET, POST, UPDATE, and DELETE requests.  Learn more about this tool and its uses through Angular Training in Chennai. Experts teach you everything. supports macros and widgets. It also provides flexibility to the programmers.


Developers create AngularJS content for all the applications and it provides better app integration.


It is mandatory to select the right tools for your web development projects. Check out these tools and build your very first application with wonderful features. 

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