5 Data Science Technologies for 2020

Three things are clear while moving into 2020- Data Science Course in Chennai, Cloud, and Apps are required by the Organizations. Top 5 fundamental talents for Data Scientists are mentioned here to develop and extend applications in 2020.

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  • AWS Cloud Services

AWS Cloud Service is the most successful cloud service provider. EC2 is main for apps, running jupyter/rstudio in the cloud, rather than investing in costly networks & servers it’s better to purchase cloud resources.

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  • Shiny Web Apps

For data scientists, a wide web framework was designed with a strong ecosystem of extension libraries ( “shinyverse”).

Shiny Resource (Coming Soon): Shiny Data Science Web Applications

  • H2O Machine Learning

Python and R have an Automated machine learning library into it. In structured data, it acts well (format for 95% of business problems). Productivity in machine learning was drastic increases by automation.

H2O Resource (Coming Soon): H2O Automated Machine Learning (AutoML)

  • Docker for Web Apps

The danger of software incompatibility in production was drastically reduced by building docker environments. It is easy to yield your environment with other Data Scientists or DevOps with the help of DockerHub and it is easy to extend applications into production which was simply made by Docker and DockerHub.

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  • Git Version Control

For replicable analysis and web application development, Git and GitHub are more significant. Authorizes software upgrades and Git tracks past versions to be done on branches. It is simple to yield your analysis and/or network applications with different DevOps, Data Scientists, or Data Engineering with the help of GitHub. Moreover, and it also easy to deploy changes to apps in production which was simply made by Git and GitHub.

Git Resource (Coming Soon): Git Version Control for Data Science Apps


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